RogueHealthcare Community!

RogueHealthcare Community (RogueHCC) is a forum for Healthcare TA  practitioners to connect with, learn from and grow with one another.

'From my experience, if you get a diverse group of individuals together who have purpose and passion for healthcare recruitment…and think differently from the rest…good things happen!' - David Szary

As before, RogueHCC is  private and only meant for internal/corporate Acute/Post-acute TA Practicioners; sorry, no vendor partners are allowed.

Membership is FREE as it was before!

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  • Weekly Reflections - Get inspired and motivated for the week ahead with our Monday message!
  • CWYCC - Monday Morning Huddles - I will host 30-minute biweekly huddles focused on healthcare recruitment with emphasis on a Positive Mindset, Flawless Execution & Control What you Can Control (CWYCC).
  • David Szary live - I will host informal discussions (Ask Me Anything) every other week that are open to any topics you want to explore with our peers.
  • Open Networking - If you're passionate about healthcare recruitment, this is where you meet and collaborate with other like-minded professionals.
  • Assessment of your TA function - If you improve constantly and progressively each day (Kaizen mindset), I would love to see how your success habits compare against our Pyramid of Success.
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