August 22, 2023

Power Up Your Resume: Avoid These Action Verbs for Maximum Impact


Power Up Your Resume: Avoid These Action Verbs for Maximum Impact

Are you in the process of revamping your resume to land your dream job? Don't underestimate the power of action verbs! This article offers essential advice on avoiding weak action verbs and using impactful language to strengthen your resume.

Avoid Generic Verbs:

Steer clear of overused and generic verbs such as "managed," "led," or "handled." These verbs lack specificity and fail to showcase your achievements effectively. Instead, opt for dynamic and precise action verbs that demonstrate your capabilities in a more compelling way.

Ditch Passive Voice:

Using the passive voice can make your resume appear less engaging. Avoid phrases like "was responsible for" or "tasks were completed." Instead, opt for the active voice to present your accomplishments more confidently and assertively.

Emphasize Achievements:

Rather than using generic verbs to describe job responsibilities, focus on highlighting your achievements. Use powerful verbs like "achieved," "attained," or "surpassed" to showcase your results and accomplishments. Quantify your achievements whenever possible to add more impact to your resume.

Utilize Industry-Specific Verbs:

Tailor your resume by incorporating industry-specific action verbs. Research job descriptions and industry-related keywords to identify relevant action verbs that resonate with employers. Customizing your language to match the specific job requirements can make your resume more appealing to hiring managers.

Showcase Leadership and Teamwork:

Highlight your leadership and teamwork skills with strong action verbs. Use words like "mentored," "collaborated," or "influenced" to demonstrate your ability to lead and work effectively with others. Showcase how you've contributed to team success and positively impacted the organization.

Demonstrate Problem-Solving:

Employ action verbs that showcase your problem-solving abilities. Words like "resolved," "analyzed," or "innovated" indicate your capacity to identify challenges and implement effective solutions.


By avoiding weak action verbs and incorporating dynamic language that emphasizes achievements, leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving skills, your resume will stand out to potential employers. A compelling resume that effectively showcases your capabilities can increase your chances of securing interviews and ultimately landing your dream job. Remember, powerful action verbs are the key to unlocking new career opportunities. Best of luck in your job search journey!